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Applanation Tonometer AT 030 for SL 120 and SL 130 product photo

Applanation Tonometer AT 030 for SL 120 and SL 130

Product ID: 319300-9120-000

Fast and efficient measurement of intraocular pressure.

The AT 030 applanation tonometer from ZEISS allows precise measurement of intraocular pressure. It is mounted on top of the stereomicroscope for easy access and reading.

Important note: The applanation tonometer AT 030 needs to be ordered with a tonometer bracket in order to be mounted.

RM 4,633.00  Excl. GST
The applanation tonometer was designed on the principle introduced by Professor Goldmann. This principle represents the gold standard in tonometry. Adapters allow the tonometer to be mounted to different slit lamps. Naturally, even with a mounted applanation tonometer, you still have the possibility for later slit lamp extensions.
Technical Data
Applanation tonometer AT 030  
  Technical Data
Measuring body 2 prisms for image splitting
Diameter of applanation field 3.06 mm (0.12 In)
Measuring range 0–78.4 mN
Scale reading 0.98 mN
Reading of graduated drum X 10 = intraocular pressure in mm Hg (or conversion to kPa with conversion table)
Dimensions of tonometers 105 x 40 x 25 mm (4.1 x 1.6 x 1 In)
Total weight 245 g (0.54 lbs)
Standard Delivery Package
Further Information
You find use and disinfection information here:
  1. Use and disinfection information

    Instructions for use and disinfection of tonometer measuring prisms

  2. Brochure AT 030

    Compact and practice-proven

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